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Work Lunch Made Easy

Work Lunch Made Easy

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30 Days of Healthy Lunches That Will Change the Way You Eat at Work

Work Lunch Made Easy is a full meal prep system: Cook once, eat all week. By following this plan, you’ll pack a week’s worth of delicious, healthy, and filling lunches in as little as an hour each Sunday. Shop. Prep. Eat!

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Planned and coordinated 100% ✓ so you can…

✓ save time (like… hours)
✓ save money (no more wasted food)
✓ have a plan for lunch every work day (with ZERO stress)
✓ have healthy options ready to go (so you can feel your best all year)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Loved this plan! Before, my lunch usually consisted of a lame sandwich-a-day, but these salads made my work week lunchtime simpler, healthier, and more exciting. These recipes were so easy to make and full of flavor. I’m a total convert now."


  • 4 Weeks of Perfectly Coordinated Recipes

    Instantly downloadable of 70+ page eBook with a full month of: whole food menus, salad and bowl recipes, printable grocery lists, and step-by-step instructions for prep-day.

  • Printable Organized Grocery Lists and Instructions

    Printable, organized shopping lists with the ingredients you need for each week so you can shop (or order) groceries quickly 1x per week.

  • Bonus Snack Recipe Book and Guides

    Bonus Book of Snacks, Guide to Protein, Staple Ingredients Buying Guide, Guide to Washing + Storing Greens, Guide to Packing Salads, Simple Ingredient Swap Guide, and nutrition tips.

The Recipes

Here are the recipes included in Work Lunch Made Easy. All 100% gluten-free, dairy-optional, veggie-focused, and delicious.

Healthy Caesar Salad with Tahini Caesar
Black Rice and Brussels Sprouts Bowl
Superbowl with Sweet Potatoes and Apples
Peanut Noodle Bowl
Arugula, Roasted Walnuts, and Pear Salad
Superbowl with Quinoa, Pecans, and Cranberries
Curry Lentil Bowl with Roasted Cashews
Southwestern Salad
Superbowl with Lentils, Feta, and Pumpkin Seeds
Chopped Greek Salad
Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea Salad
Superbowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Hard-Boiled Eggs with Chili Pepper
Sliced Apples with Almond Butter
Carrots and Celery with Hummus
Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix
Mocha Coconut Squares
Superfood Chocolate
Lemon Bliss Balls

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I loved these salads. This plan saved so much time for the week ahead. It was nice knowing I didn’t have to worry about making something after a long day at work for the next day."


Questions? We got you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in Work Lunch Made Easy?

  • 70+ beautiful pages, all downloadable
  • A full month of whole food menus + meal calendar (3 recipes = 6 lunches per week)
  • 4 weeks of salad + bowl lunch recipes (all gluten-free and dairy-optional)
  • 4 printable weekly shopping lists
  • 4 weeks of step-by-step instructions for prep-day (only 1-2 hours or work per week!)
  • Guide to Protein
  • Staple Ingredients Buying Guide
  • Guide to Washing + Storing Greens
  • Guide to Packing Salads (so they stay fresh all week!)
  • Nutrition and lifestyle tips
  • Simple Ingredient Swap Guide so you can easily customize the plan for vegan and paleo diets
  • Bonus Book: Snacks

How does it work?

Each week, there is a menu of lunches with an accompanying grocery list that includes everything you need for that week.

After grocery shopping, you'll simply follow our very simple, step-by-step instructions to prep your lunches for the week. Then enjoy and repeat!

How is Work Lunch Made Easy delivered to me?

Immediately upon purchase, you get instant digital access to the entire meal plan.

How many people do the recipes serve?

This plan was designed to serve one person, but you can easily double the recipes.

Are the recipes gluten-free / dairy-free / vegan?

The plan is 100% real food and naturally gluten-free. Think: lots of seasonal veggies, herbs, whole grains, and high-quality protein.

Dairy is used as an optional garnish in a few recipes but is not a main ingredient.

Vegan and vegetarian protein swap ideas are provided for the recipes that include quality meat or seafood.

What are the benefits?

Just some of the benefits people have received from Loveleaf Co. meal plans:

- More Energy
- More Time
- Less Stress Around Food
- More Confidence
- Easy, Repeatable Recipes
- Fewer Cravings
- More Mindfulness
- More Clarity
- Balance
- More Freedom

Who is the meal plan for?

Anyone, really. This meal plan is a great way to easily shift back into cooking and taking care of yourself without spending hours in the kitchen. Repeat it whenever you need more of the benefits listed above!

Ready to feel your best at work?